Table 2.

Weight loss measurements for 316L stainless steel test coupons removed after 6, 12 and 18 months exposure to DI water and Ca(OH)2 solutions in contact with APS, ALC and VES at 80°C. Weight losses greater than 0.01 g cm−2 are shown in bold. Note that a loss of 0.01 g cm−2 over 12 months is equivalent to a general corrosion rate of 12.5 um y−1 (assuming a stainless steel density of 7.99 g cm−3).

Weight loss (g cm−2)
Solution and polymer6 months12 months18 months
Irrad DI water + APS0.04490.06730.0776
Irrad DI water + ALC0.0061−0.0020−0.0041
Irrad DI water + VES0.00200.02450.0082
Irrad DI water0.0000−0.00200.0020
Irrad Ca(OH)2 + APS0.00000.00410.0041
Irrad Ca(OH)2 + ALC−0.00200.00610.0000
Irrad Ca(OH)2 + VES0.00200.00410.0000
Irrad Ca(OH)20.00200.00820.0041
Non-irrad DI water + APS0.00410.00610.0122
Non-irrad DI water + ALC0.00200.00000.0061
Non-irrad DI water + VES0.00000.00410.0041
Non-irrad Ca(OH)2 + APS0.00200.00410.0020
Non-irrad Ca(OH)2 + ALC0.00200.00200.0041
Non-irrad Ca(OH)2 + VES0.00200.00610.0041